Monday, March 06, 2017


No, i don't write much. Why? live by myself - am only twelve months here at this location. No friends, wives, or family who have physically 'followed' me for the past ten years or so. Been a constant companion.

Apart from this one ..

Oh, would you believe that i have thousands of "pics" of everything else ... and she's not in them?

I do have pics of her ... but apparently have never established a "folder" exclusively for her.

Might take a while to find them all and give her DUE as a constant companion.

Have, of course, been chatting 'offline' with dog owners ... and the subject is extremely complex.

Do i talk to her? Of course i do. The tricky subject is - does she talk to me.

At this point would say (write) that Yep; she 'communicates' with me.
The gentle paw on my knee (for no reason that i can discern). The tap on my shoulder at 3AM (which am interpreting as "I wanna go outside to pee" )....... but there is much more to her "body language".

There are times when she sits, and, from my point of comprehension - looks at me with her placid brown eyes ... and tries to articulate with her tongue and throat. Cannot describe the sounds that she makes ... gr.. kgr .. agr ....

Which sort of brings me back to some previous posts about "language".

Can we really define "intelligence" by language?

I watch her 'off leash' interact with other canines. She begins with cautious 'tail in air'.
(and please - do not cut the tail from canines, bit like removing the tongue from humans).

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Um, have had many thoughts about this simple collection of ... symbols? hieroglyphs?*

While yep, there have been times when have travelled along what i thought to be MY  town .. and found a street where not one of the 'businesses' - restuants, clothing shops

The "signage" was, to me, incomprehensible  'glyphs'; scribbles on a wall.

Have, actually, travelled around this peculiar island continent - and., found it mostly

There was a friend, Guenter. Came here from Germany (Deutschland/). While he had 'learned' the language 'English" from books ... had trouble comprehending "Aussie" vernacular.

We enjoyed many 'travels' around this fascinating island continent.
Guenter had trouble sitting in a Public transport for 1000 kilometres.

Davo, he sez, at this point would be in a different Nation. Different language.

Yer, sez me, be patient. Another 1000 klm we'll be in a local pub. Probably the same, but slightly, subtly different. That's Australia.

Our military? From what i hear, very small in numbers ... but, oddly, more respected; world wide
than American .... .

*yer, i do read books. There is a fascinating account of a french bloke who actually began to unravel the 'mystery' , decipher the hieroglyphs --and also an account of how some arrogant, privileged arsehole of an English "Lord" stole his research.

However, this is not my ultimate point.
Can you try to imagine what it must have been like ..
Captain Phillip; sent to a place he knew not of. The OTHER side of the world.
Establish an English colony.

Two notions that the peoples of the USA need to note.
Australia never really had, or was interested in Mass immigration'
Something that Donald Drumpf (his grandfather's name) is intensely aware of.

He is not American .. in the sense that he has any connection to your "first Nations"

However, apart from voting yer local "Kim Kardashian" Barbie doll into yer local "Presidential Palace ... not much that i can say ...
Your vote; Your nation

The Southern Hemisphere is a different world.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Friday, February 10, 2017

local life ...., or very many others."real" life,,, cannot really compare with this...

 Did, way back then, follow this 'blog'. Have no idea where she is, now.

low tide

Yer, i know - headlines can be misleading, and yep, sometimes play word games.

So, what does the title mean? Perhaps it might mean exactly that.
Well, perhaps it might mean that my life is at 'low tide' -

or perhaps it might mean that am followed by the "Black dog".
Perhaps not. Perhaps ennui     
.. might be a better word .... so ...

So, am not, actually, followed by a black dog; more somewhat brindle  .
In which case will post a series of images that fascinate me - dunno about you lot.

Her name is Abbey

So, there ya go. One day's worth of wandering the flats at low tide.

Still think that it's worth more than sweating all day over computer screens in some sort of Wall Street fake money factory.

Thursday, February 09, 2017

cognitive dissonance

Am not really sure why am posting this here, as am sure that the three or four regular (?) readers of this blog are as astonished/amazed/horrified at the peculiar mindset of the American president as i am.

Am not even really sure that what i read on the interwebs and "news" reports about him are true or not -

however, i do read the 'reproductions' of some of his 'tweets' and have decided that the bloke is mentally unbalanced. Wasn't even sure what to call it - but cognitive dissonance came to mind.

 Frankly, i don't really care how much of a twit the twat is; doesn't affect ME very much - however, it does seem to be affecting the Australian political leadership(?) a fair bit. Mr. Harbourside Mansion (Prime Minister) seems to have taken some sort of cue, and is ramping up our own draconian "internal security". (as well as ramping up his 'furious' attacks on South Australia for "mindlessly" pursuing the policy of increasing wind and solar electricity generation. While yep, South Au does have the highest consumer price for electricity - that price is mainly set and driven by "interstate" suppliers (mostly coal generated - which makes me wonder that IF coal generation is "cheaper" - how come they charge MORE for it ??)

 Oh, back to one of President Twit's tweets. Can't find the exact tweet* just now, but relates to the so-called "deal" Between the Aussie gummint and Barack Obama - about the re-location of 1250 unfortunate refugees that we've parked, indefinitely, on some tropical hellhole of an island.

For a start, Donny Boy - there are not "thousands", and they're not "criminals" and it was never a "dumb deal" as America was given every chance to "choose" which one's to accept.

The other 'half cocked' Presidential decree is about the banning of citizens from countries which, by all accounts, have never supplied a 'terrorist' attack on American soil.


have been looking up the statistics on American "home grown" mass murders.
(well worth a read).
(really worth a look, this one - pictorial graphic).

This, of course, doesn't include the hundreds of thousands (millions) of civilians murdered by America in someone elses country  since 2009.... but am guessing "State sponsored " Terrorism doesn't really  really compute in some peoples 'world view'.



Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Making America GRATE, again

Not much more that i could say, really ...

Nancy Pelosi, Democratic leader in the house, says Trump fired Yates “to get the answer he wants” on the legality of his travel ban:
Tonight, the acting attorney general was fired for upholding the constitution of the United States. What the Trump administration calls betrayal is an American with the courage to say that the law and the constitution come first.
President Trump’s executive order violates the constitution, dishonors our values, and weakens the security of the United States. National security experts are warning that the president’s ban will make it harder, not easier to defeat terror.
Earlier tonight, House Republicans blocked Democrats’ emergency bill to rescind this dangerous and unconstitutional executive order. Now, President Trump has fired the acting attorney general to get the answer he wants.
Republicans will have to decide whether they will be complicit in the President’s reckless, wrathful and unconstitutional agenda.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Taking the pis out of politicians

Wharf street revues 

"pis" is an all purpose three letter smidge ... "off piste"  ?

(am trying to find the ABC Australia Radio National broadcast of the 2015 'Wharf Street" revue.

Wonderful  irreverent humour that remains extant in Australia ...

ya hafta be there ...heh

(there is, somewhere, the late 2016 'revue') ... heh


O, just had to comment.

Have been watching the stoush between the Donald Drumf  (am expecting this link to vanish before too long)*1 fortress acolytes and the "media". Apparently the 'photo comparison' between the crowds at the inauguration is "wrong".

"I made a speech," says the Commander in Chief of a very dangerous Military/Industrial complex - self, as far away as Australia -watched him on TV; later, saying -"I made a speech", he then repeats, " ..the field (?) was full of people. There were millions there"...  '"the media is lying ...".

Not long later i see and hear a White house Press Secretary announce some " ...alternative facts ..".

(dunno about you lot, but have seen quite a few "photo comparisons" in recent years and - frankly, in this day and age of  computer aided "photoshop" (do it myself) ... and "fake news" - 'tis indeed difficult to decide what IS fact and what is not. At this point tend to believe that there were, in fact - fewer - people at Donald Drumpf's Inauguration; than there were at Barak Obama's .... but is has been obvious to any reader of this blog over the years of it's existence that am a sort of 'cynical', "socialist", "pagan".)
 ... but i tend to believe the photo comparison taken looking 'toward', not "from".

Am guessing that the view "from" the Inauguration podium "looks" like the patch between it and the monument was "full" of people. Am also cynical enough to look at the pic taken from behind - and wonder if there wasn't some 'organisation' behind the placement of the "crowds" ( to support an overweening Ego?).

I also enjoy the way this polyglot language "English" can be tipped, twisted, enjoyed - but also be used for nefarious intent. In Donny Drumpf's own written words ... " ... i use truthful hyperbole ...". *

Apparently his minions can now use "alternative facts". Somewhat like saying that "God created this planet - 6,000 years ago". (say it loud, repeat it long ... eventually the uneducated will believe it)

Carbon dating is, apparently - a "hoax". Every publication by thousands of dedicated scientists - over at least 3.000 years (apart from the Ron Hubbard acolytes who turned up in this small patch of this planet situated between Canada and Mexico some mere 200 or so years ago.) is also - apparently to some - a "hoax".

* yer, even i had to lookup this word. Doubt that the citizens of the most educationally deprived regions of America would have any knowledge - or even CARE what that means. The only word heard is 'truthful'.
* reference Gorge Orwell - rewrite history

O, how easy it seems to 'activate' the uneducated majority.