Monday, May 01, 2017

energy effiency??


Pinched from the internet; Australian Geographic? Open cut coal mine, Hunter valley, NSW

There is, at the moment, an Advertisement? On Australian TV extolling, and promoting the 'virtues' of coal mining - but part of that advertisement is a Japanese looking bloke in white coat and hard hat – telling the viewer that they are very proud that their coal fired electricity generators achieve 40% efficiency …. which sort of made me think a bit. Where has the other 60% gone?

So; does that include, or exclude, the expenditure of energy digging it out of the ground (not counting the 'energy' of the personnel involved, and their 'carbon footprint'). The cost of building and constructing the steel machines involved, and fuel used?

(Australia does not build or construct  any 'mining' machinery - all imported).

Then we have to consider the cost of the “transport” machinery. Railways, trucks, Port loading machines – all made of steel, mostly. Then the expenditure of energy building steel shipping – plus their diesel fuel to take it offshore – only to arrive at an 'unloading' facility and its steel structures.
Then, unless there is some sort of 'efficient' method of unloading the coal directly into the “electricity” generator … we have to factor in either further rail or road transport.

From my point of view, might be wrong, but that all adds up to a NEGATIVE percentage efficiency.

Now, I live about 3klm from a “wind farm”. (no negative health effects, so far). There are sheep grazing quite happily beneath and around the towers. The farmer is 'leasing' the land to the 'developer' of this array of electricity generation. Am sure that if he chose to grow wheat or barley there, most of the acreage is usable - If, at some point in the future, the towers rust away – the farmer, and/or his/her family RETAIN the AGRICULTURAL use of this land. Have only lived here for 18 months or so – but have yet to witness ALL of the turbines not-active.

While yes, building and constructing wind turbines involve the expenditure of energy – once they are up and running … energy output is, basically … free.

Unlike an open cut coal mine that destroys agriculture for many future children to come.
Coal dust is strewn along every rail corridor transporting it. The expenditure of negative energy is continuous.

However, there is a philosophical/political/social problem. Mining coal provides thousands of 'jobs' and a 'revenue' conundrum for, perhaps, short term political calculations.

As far as am aware there are two Wind Farm “managers” (plus or minus 'families') living on site; and yep, there may be a few 'technicians' on-call – a far cry from the thousands of employees involved in coal mining.

View from shoreline
electricity from a paddock

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

What is an Australian citizen?

Yer, i know, has been much in the 'news' recently - mostly relating to a change in the definition of a "457" visa.

Assume that i was NOT born in Australia, from parents that were actually born in Australia (none of whom have"papers" to "prove" that we are "citizens" - yer, well - apart from birth certificates).
Assume that my "Grandparents" have 'birth' certificates  that are difficult to discover (there was no 'internet discovery'  back then).
Does that make an "invalid"  Australian citizen? (yer, i know, two meanings 'invalid' or invalid).
Um, and also assuming that am competent in the language "English", have many "work experiences"  - in Australia ... am presuming that i qualify to be able to "work" in Australia, as a 'citizen'.
However, there seemed to be, somewhere around 2007,  some sort of  "use by" date tattooed on my forehead.

Ah, forgive me, am trying to figure out how this Federal Prime Minister and 'cabinet' Ministers define "citizens". (yep. was born in Australia - some time before our current Prime Minister was born).

Cutting a longish essay short - since have written about this before, and, as a traveller around, lived and worked in many places in Australia - find that there are many 'communities' where am considered an "outsider". If i cannot point to my grandparents headstone in the local graveyard - am considered a "tourist" - or, if i hang about in the vicinity for more than 6 years - remain a tolerated "outsider".

So, again cutting a longish essay short - it may take many 'generations', and re generations of children from migrants, and their children, and their children- to eventually construct what will eventually become the "peoples of Australia".

And this, basically, is what the  British English heritage "conservative" peoples are afraid of.

 There is more to Australia than fine China tea cups, imported American media influence,  and imported trees.

And yep, was never 'trained' by my parents into any "ritual belief". The animals on the farm did what they needed to do.

(to be continued)

Perhaps not ... am still trying to understand what, exactly, this local lot of "Conservative" aka 'Liberal/National Coalition' bunch of Federal Roman Imperial church dickhead politicians actually mean by "all citizens have to subscribe to AUSTRALIAN VALUES".
 Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

Monday, April 03, 2017

flying free (updated)

Image by Davoh

Image by Davoh

um, do have pics of a Wedge tail eagle .. be patient , will find them.
In the mean time, while waiting  ...
(o shit, can't find images of me in gliders; with an eagle off the left wing - following me around in a thermal - oops. they have to be somewhere. Ancient "photographs" ... remember them? Some time before 'instant' phone pics"

Or are these 'images' only recorded in my memory?

perhaps. The first image was recorded while, self was standing, in a forest, watching the circular flight of this magnificent creature.

The second image was recorded while driving along a country road, .

This Wedge tail Eagle is looking at me - because he is standing on 'roadkill'.

Sunday, April 02, 2017

O, have been pondering ...

... about the importance of CO2. So, can we ask politicians to take a deep breath ...
then hold it ... hold it ... hold it ........hoooold it .... HOLD IT!!!. dammit!

(yer i know, human lungs, diaphragms.  really only respond to excess CO2, then demand oxygen).

cute critters?

Um, OK, have no photos at this point, the little blighters won't sit still. Forgive me, but have dispatched 35 of them this month to mouse Valhallah.

(correction - last month - but, despite my best efforts to entice them into oblivion, there are still several leaving 'dot points' on my kitchen benches).

Saturday, April 01, 2017

am gutless

Yer, well, nothing like an interesting title.

After two days of fasting, reorganizing my digestive system into a watery evacuation for a colonoscopy ..
 the Coleorectal surgeon took me aside to tell me that there was 'nothing there'

"wot" sez me, "nothing there? Where are my guts?"

Yer , i know, am always dismissed as a 'smart arse'.

Monday, March 06, 2017


No, i don't write much. Why? live by myself - am only twelve months here at this location. No friends, wives, or family who have physically 'followed' me for the past ten years or so. Been a constant companion.

Apart from this one ..

Oh, would you believe that i have thousands of "pics" of everything else ... and she's not in them?

I do have pics of her ... but apparently have never established a "folder" exclusively for her.

Might take a while to find them all and give her DUE as a constant companion.

Have, of course, been chatting 'offline' with dog owners ... and the subject is extremely complex.

Do i talk to her? Of course i do. The tricky subject is - does she talk to me.

At this point would say (write) that Yep; she 'communicates' with me.
The gentle paw on my knee (for no reason that i can discern). The tap on my shoulder at 3AM (which am interpreting as "I wanna go outside to pee" )....... but there is much more to her "body language".

There are times when she sits, and, from my point of comprehension - looks at me with her placid brown eyes ... and tries to articulate with her tongue and throat. Cannot describe the sounds that she makes ... gr.. kgr .. agr ....

Which sort of brings me back to some previous posts about "language".

Can we really define "intelligence" by language?

I watch her 'off leash' interact with other canines. She begins with cautious 'tail in air'.
(and please - do not cut the tail from canines, bit like removing the tongue from humans).

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Um, have had many thoughts about this simple collection of ... symbols? hieroglyphs?*

While yep, there have been times when have travelled along what i thought to be MY  town .. and found a street where not one of the 'businesses' - restuants, clothing shops

The "signage" was, to me, incomprehensible  'glyphs'; scribbles on a wall.

Have, actually, travelled around this peculiar island continent - and., found it mostly

There was a friend, Guenter. Came here from Germany (Deutschland/). While he had 'learned' the language 'English" from books ... had trouble comprehending "Aussie" vernacular.

We enjoyed many 'travels' around this fascinating island continent.
Guenter had trouble sitting in a Public transport for 1000 kilometres.

Davo, he sez, at this point would be in a different Nation. Different language.

Yer, sez me, be patient. Another 1000 klm we'll be in a local pub. Probably the same, but slightly, subtly different. That's Australia.

Our military? From what i hear, very small in numbers ... but, oddly, more respected; world wide
than American .... .

*yer, i do read books. There is a fascinating account of a french bloke who actually began to unravel the 'mystery' , decipher the hieroglyphs --and also an account of how some arrogant, privileged arsehole of an English "Lord" stole his research.

However, this is not my ultimate point.
Can you try to imagine what it must have been like ..
Captain Phillip; sent to a place he knew not of. The OTHER side of the world.
Establish an English colony.

Two notions that the peoples of the USA need to note.
Australia never really had, or was interested in Mass immigration'
Something that Donald Drumpf (his grandfather's name) is intensely aware of.

He is not American .. in the sense that he has any connection to your "first Nations"

However, apart from voting yer local "Kim Kardashian" Barbie doll into yer local "Presidential Palace ... not much that i can say ...
Your vote; Your nation

The Southern Hemisphere is a different world.